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Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aaron Aziz - Google Blog Search

peluvtanya ::: :: my sisters and <b>Aaron Aziz</b>

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 12:56 PM PDT

im a day late blogging about this. semalam nak hapdate tapi i end up having supper with my schoolmates ala2 mini reunion gitew...but last night my sisters gave the LMAO session. a session which involves Aaron Aziz lak tu! lawak here's the story:
just so u know, Aaron is in Perth right now doing some shooting and mama had the chance to meet him up. anak yang kat Malaysia pon tak dapat jumpe, alih2 maknye yang lucky! blerghh! but knowing me, when it comes to retis nie akak ala2 tahap gedix yang normal jer..but my sisters, Nym and especially Tia is head over heels over Aaron. but they are in Sydney. tak ikot mama as she was on official duties. 
then semalam, mama called Tia; "ya, mama on the way nak pegi pick up Aaron nie. he has an interview kat Radio Melayu Perth"...intentionally to make my sisters jealous. bole? hahaha...sabar je la. to double check:

so what i did was i tweeted him back, followed by my sisters and Aaron actually tweeted us back:
then, i got a call and on the other line were my sisters terjerit2 excited tak tentu arah. rupanya, mama called them up and they had a gayut session with Aaron. gayut here is defined as probably the longest ever my sister talks to her favourite retis. LOL! but the thing is, calming down from all the jerit2 session i still couldnt understand what Tia was saying sebabnya she was crying....bole tak kauuuuuuuuu dalam hati ada taman punya type of excited sampai TERnanges wehhhh! LMAO!!!!!!!!
sesungguhnya, i laugh sampai sakit perut. lawak ke der betol lah adik aku sorang nie!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!! and then Nym tweeted:

read up her excitement about yesterday in her blog Tia's World. she uploaded also some pictures that mama antar kat dia....Tia had to call me back again a few minutes later to story me about what happened. i was still laughing at her k! hahahaha...i still am today pon. i have crazy sisters. lol.
if ure wondering sapa plak abg Anas up her blog also. entry paling panjang agaknya so far. huhu! ;p 
im sure if Aaron Aziz were in front of her, she would probably pengsan. -____________-" 
this is sooooo gonna be my bahan tuk Tia for the next 2weeks maybe. kah!kah!kah!

Zed Zaidi Cabar <b>Aaron Aziz</b> Tunjuk Permit Kerja |

Posted: 15 May 2012 10:48 PM PDT

Semakin lama semakin lantang suara Zed Zaidi mempertikaikan kewujudan Aaron Aziz mencari rezeki di bumi Malaysia. Baru-baru ini Aaron Aziz menyatakan kesediaanya untuk menunjukkan permit kerja yang diperolehi. Tanpa berlengah, Zed Zaidi meluahkan perasaannya di Twitter.

zed zaidi

Diharap Aaron Aziz menyahut cabaran Zed Zaidi dan menunjukkan permit kerjanya supaya dapat menutup mulut Zed Zaidi.

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