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Hans Isaac - Google Blog Search

Hans Isaac - Google Blog Search

BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Hans Isaac</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 06:41 PM PDT

BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Hans Isaac</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 09:33 PM PDT

BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Hans Isaac</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 09:12 PM PDT

Winners Announcement : 9th BCAA Technical Awards | Boh <b>...</b>

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 12:16 AM PDT

Winners Announcement : 9th BCAA Technical Awards

On 10th April 2012, from 3pm – 5pm at Cinnamon, One World Hotel; we had the 9th Boh Cameronian 'Technical' Arts Awards.

It was a fun afternoon 1920′s themed tea party and the event was packed to the brim with representatives from our Sponsors and Partner, Boh and PWC; members of the press, performing arts practitioners, friends and of course the Nominees themselves showed up.

And here are the list of Awards and the Winners!

Category : DANCE 

  • Best Lighting Design
    > Tan Eng Heng 
    For "Enduring" in Wandering Within, choreographed by Mak Foong Ming, presented by Kwang Tung Dance Company
  • Best Set Design
    > David Wong
    For Fragile, choreographed by Steve Goh, presented by JSDance Theatre
  • Best Costume Design, Styling & Make Up
    > Lee Swee Seng & Colin De Sean
    For Farewell, My Concubine – The Movement of the Matyr, presented by Lee Wushu Arts Theatre and The Actors Studio


  •  Best Lighting Design
    > Mohamed Fairuz Bin Mohamed Ariff
    For The Last Five Years, musical direction by Stephen Tok, directed by Christopher Ling, presented by The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
  • Best Set Design
    > Jia Wei-Loo
    For Lat Kampung Boy Sebuah Muzikal, written by Harith Iskander Musa, musical direction by Michael Veerapen, directed by Harith Iskander Musa and Hans Isaac, presented by Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM) and Tall Order Productions
  • Best Costume Design, Styling & Make Up
    > Dominique Devorsine and Fabien Wong
    For Dreamgirls, musical direction by Casey Koh, directed by Joanna Bessey, presented by Broadway Academy
  • Best Sound Design
    > Ivan De Cruz
    For Lat Kampung Boy Sebuah Muzikal, written by Harith Iskander Musa, musical direction by Michael Veerapen, directed by Harith Iskander Musa and Hans Isaac, presented by Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM) and Tall Order Productions

Category : Theatre

  • Best Lighting Design
    > Tung Jit Yang
    For CARTOON by Stevey Yockey, directed by Kelvin Wong, presented by The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
  • Best Set Design
    > Matthew Kneale
    For Klue, Doh!, directed by Mohd Iqbal and Murad Ben Ladesh, presented by TerryandTheCuz
  • Best Costume Design
    > Swing Chong Shu Yin
    For Aku Cinta XXX 2011, written by Amelia Tan, Ceci Yong, Jinnie Lim, Easee Gan, Swing Chong and Simon Lee, directed by Amelia Tan, presented by ACX Production and The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

A big hearty congratulations to all the winners!

Stay tuned to this space for more pictures from the afternoon and more updates about the upcoming 'Backers Audition' on 27th and the Awards night on the 29th.

Malaysian Sports&#39; Loose Cannon: RIP Master Vincent (Zahari)

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 06:45 PM PDT

I drafted this posting on March 27 but have been postponing it due to my other commitments...but here goes...

My schoolmates find it hard to recall anything significant about me throughout our schooldays for yours truly was truly average. But being schooled in one of the best schools that placed emphasis on sports as part of the process of growing up, helped shape my life and perspective on sports.

The class of 1980, upon receiving our respective medals on the same pitch that bore witness to Hassan Sani's unstoppable run for James Wong to score the winning goal in the pre-Olympics. Recognise the husband of Datuk Sheila Majid?

When 1983 came, I was somehow placed in the top class of Form 1. With William Goldman as our English literature teacher, Puan Sulastri as form teacher and Cikgu Badiozzaman our maths wizard who coined the nickname Kenit for me (for I was one of the shortest in class), the early years were certainly unforgettable. Academically I managed to consistently finish among the bottom three of the class, probably because of my tendency to let my mind wander each time I took a peek outside the classroom. For each time I took a glance, it was either the football Under-15 or Under-18 teams being put through their paces or the hockey teams and the rugby guys undergoing training.

The image of David Fernandez, Vincent Fernandez and Phua Seng Tiong pushing, coaxing and cajoling the seniors in their respective sports remains embedded on my memory bank.

Can you see Harith Iskander the comedian anywhere in this picture? Team skipper was Isham Hassan, brother of Zainal Abidin Hassan...Isham (with the ball) was known for his close control...front row, second from right is Preman, later assistant accountant at Wisma FAM
David Fernandez with the SJI football Under-18 team 1987. Right smack in the middle Sheldon Xavier, keeper when I was right-back of St John School One way back in 1982...Sheldon of course went on to become a football pundit. Back row, notice Hans Isaac? When the star of the team, David Hung, saw the overweight 14-year old Rizal Hashim attending the open trials, he said "wah gumuk pun mau main bola ka"...

Apart from being our PE master, Master Vincent was the voice of sports over the English channel. He had a soothing and distinctive voice perfect for commentary.

When I bumped into Master Vincent covering events on a number of occasions in the mid-90s, I was too intimidated to introduce myself to him. Since I was an average student, no teacher would remember me! Even Badiozzaman could barely recall Kenit! Master Vincent and I often crossed paths, covering badminton tournaments at Stadium Negara, football matches at Stadium Merdeka and hockey events at Stadium Tun Razak but not once I told him that I was his student. Imagine standing before the teacher-cum-coach-cum-sports commentator, ah, not many could hold a candle to him! It was only when I joined the Malay Mail in 1996 that I plucked the courage to tell him that I was a Johannian. The NST sportswriting family then boasted old boys like Lazarus Rokk, younger brother of maths teacher-cum-football coach Kiru, national fencer Gerald Martinez, Malay Mail football coach Tony Mariadass and Faizul Azim Saiful. Then in 2009, SJI-VI organised the Rivalry Games, where I took the opportunity to snap a picture with Master Vincent. Read here

Tributes came pouring in from his students following Master Vincent's demise. One of them Jahabar Sadiq, several years my senior, a councillor prefect who used to tick us off for a lot of reasons. Read  here

When producer Markus Lim invited me for Kerusi Panas over Bernama Radio, little did I know he was a Johannian. Read here

My ex-boss Tony Mariadass, a school footballer-turned-sports journalist-cum-coach, pays his tribute

Master Vincent was laid to rest at the Bukit Kiara cemetery, with hundreds of his students in attendance. Among the crowd was actor Hans Isaac, actor-comedian Reza Zainal Abidin, TV host Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and two neighbours of mine, Hisham and Hj Azmi, chairman of our residents' association who happened to be Cikgu Zabedah's cousin. I was standing beside Y.P Sivam as he interviewed Joshua. Read here

Sorry for this late tribute, Master Vincent, but better late than never.

"I'm taking bottles of medication," said master Vincent, referring to his illness, as Zaidi Barkis snapped this picture that I will cherish forever.

Preman, the school's football rightback in 1983 who later became assistant accountant at FA of Malaysia (FAM), said: "Master Vincent was forward thinking, do you know how he prepared the school teams from various sports - football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and rugby - in terms of physical fitness? Months before the schools tournament began, he made us come to school during the December holidays to train around the natural terrains surrounding Bukit Nanas. There were maybe 70 of us, running, jogging, hurting, puffing, climbing...I won't forget the pain one had to suffer in order to perform months later."

A friend on FB, a fellow Johannian, said Master Vincent was fond of reminding his students of the saying "your attitude determines your altitude." With the right attitude human beings can move mountains. The orientation of our minds determines how high we can fly. Master Vincent flew high indeed, as high up as an eagle can be, so high that he had helped his underlings flew higher. That's the hallmark of a great man.


BLOG-BLOG HIBURAN: <b>Hans Isaac</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 09:51 PM PDT

Bercinta Dengan <b>Hans Isaac</b>. Apa Komen Neelofa? : Wassupz <b>...</b>

Posted: 14 Jan 2012 08:43 PM PST

Ingatkan gosip cinta ini sudah senyap, rupanya belum lagi apabila akhirnya Neelofa membuat kenyataan rasmi mengenai gosip ini. Lambat betul! Cubaan untuk menghangatkan kembali gosip ini ke? Kami pun tak pasti. Namun kami laporkan juga ye. Hehe.

Menurut Neelofa atau nama sebenarnya Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor (23) keakraban di antara mereka yang sering dilihat bersama di depan khalayak hanya berlandaskan hubungan sesama rakan artis tanpa membabitkan soal hati dan perasaan. Jelas pengacara baru Nona,

"Saya tidak nafikan kami memang rapat dan kerap berjumpa dan keluar bersama tapi ia hanya hubungan biasa. Saya tidak pasti mengenai reaksi dan pemahaman Hans tentang keakraban kami.

"Sebagai wanita, saya akui selesa dengannya. Bagi pihak saya, tiada apa yang serius pada waktu ini, apatah lagi yang membabitkan soal hati dan perasaan,"

Neelofa juga menolak dakwaan bahawa gosip tersebut hanyalah gimik publisiti filem terbarunya Lemak Kampung Santan.  Walaupun Neelofa mengakui serasi berkawan dengan Hans, namun Neelofa enggan mengulas lanjut sama ada hubungan itu akan bertukar menjadi lebih serius atau sebaliknya. Menurutnya,

"Saya senang berkawan dengannya tetapi itu tidak bermakna ia akan menjadi hubungan yang lebih serius kerana banyak perkara yang perlu dipertimbangkan terlebih dahulu.

"Saya berharap masyarakat akan faham dengan penjelasan ini sebagaimana Hans memahami keputusan saya,"

Rujukan: mStar

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