The controversy involves the sensational comedian, Saiful Apekwith popular producer David Teo, getting warm when the actor willhold a news conference tomorrow to clarify issues and collect a petition of abuse among the artists, crew and staff who have workedbehind the scenes and never had a problem or terniaya by aproduction company owned by David Teo.

Invitation to attend the press conference has reached the sent by the representative of the Saiful Apek andGitu-Gitu Production.

Previously the issue had sparked Saiful Apek less satisfied with thestatement relating to David Teo late Bob Germs.

Some media reports have also mentioned that David Teo hascalled the act of exposing Bob Germs his financial situation as an act of begging.

In the Straits Times report last Friday, the Saiful Apek has claimedDavid Teo to return the money an investment of RM200, 000 whichhe directed two films for the Lady Boss & Son Mami Back around the year 2005.

According to Saiful Apek, he offered starred in two films with thepayment of RM100, 000 before the money is invested back into thefabrication cost.

In the report, Saiful Apek said that he will hold a special press conference on May 12 and to submit all evidence and documentshe signed to confirm his claim of RM200, 000, however only the press conference could only be done tomorrow.

Will be present at the press conference of the artists, crew andbehind the scenes workers who will forward the claims of David Teofor their respective rights menegakan a rumored neglected over the years.

Together we look forward to the statement Saiful Apek and other celebrities line on the issue of their claims.

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