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Vanidah Imran - Google Blog Search

Vanidah Imran - Google Blog Search

RUNNING WITH PASSION: Photos: Hot, Sticky and Sweaty <b>...</b>

Posted: 13 Jul 2012 10:42 PM PDT

It is touted as the run with most celebrities in Malaysia! More than 80 celebrities were said to have participated in the ntv7 Feel Good Run. We managed to catch some as they walked pass the finish line. All hot, sticky and sweaty after the run. :)

See if you can recognise them without their make-up and glam outfits.

Aidid Marcello

Megan Tan

Actor, Frederick Lee

Wayne Thong

Adrian Tan

Lawrence Wong

Coby Chong

William San

Dennis Gan

Joanne De Rozario & Naz Rahman

Showdown Host, Hafiz Hatim (@cowbear)

Ning Baizura's hubby - Omar Shariff

Yise Loo

Tiffany Leong

Nicholas Ong

Joey Leong

Peh Kien Min, Tiang Kah Chee & Yong Yu Xi

Celebrity couple, Rashidi Ishak & Vanidah Imran

Check out them shoes. Sponsored by Skechers. :)

Not a celebrity but he's the boss of celebrities. LOL! Ahmad Izham Omar (Media Prima Berhad Chief Operating Officer)

Mayjune Tan & Miau Miau

It's not easy spotting celebrities amongst the runners. We hope more will join next year's Feel Good Run for a good cause and to promote health lifestyle!

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