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Posted: 03 Oct 2012 09:04 AM PDT

Effectiveness of Beutskin Essence-

Balances DNA
Aids in detoxification
Repairs, restores and reconstructs skin cells
Experience its 4 Major Elements, Enjoy its 5 Major Factors

Beutskin 4 Major Elements

• RPG energy element RPG

• Cellular repair and regenerative elements

• Intelligent targeted whitening and nourishing elements

• Natural skin reconstructing elements

Beutskin 5 Major Factors

• Stabilized whitening factor

• Natural skin enhancing factor

• Skin growth factor

• Gene repairing factor

• Super antioxidant factor

Beutskin 4 Major Functions

Stabilizes the DNA
Cleansing and toxin elimination
The repair and restoration of body functions
Reconstruction of skin for total skin renewal
Wonderful for

Detoxify and beautify skin
Restore skin suppleness and elasticity
Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and cell regeneration
Even skin tone ad lighten pigmentation

Intested pls PM me

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