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Halim Munan (2012) PPVRip Avi & Mkv - DDMF

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 12:00 AM PDT

Release Date: 13 September 2012 (Malaysia)
Genre: Comedy,Horror
Stars : Fizo Omar,Zul Handyblack,Intan Ladyana and Gbob Raja Lawak
Quality: PPVRip
Halim bin Munan (Fizo Omar) is always bullied by his friends because of his straight arrow personality and his strange name, which means invisible in Malay. To make things worse, Halim thinks that he is invisible. His life takes a turn for the worse when he is wrongly accused of indecent peeping at Suriyati (Fiza). To clear his name, Halim goes to meet a shaman named Wak Mali. However, when he tries to speak with Wak Mali, the latter is confused for Halim really is invisible. The reason for his sudden predicament is a special cloth which Halim stole from a nearby grave. The cloth renders him invisible 24-7, which also causes the villagers to suspect Halim after several strange and unexplainable incidents take place. What will happen to Halim now?




(Video) Angah Raja Lawak Minta Penampar <b>Zul Handyblack</b> |

Posted: 03 Oct 2012 06:30 PM PDT

Selamat pagi! Jom hangatkan telinga dan gegarkan gegendang telinga korang dengan lagu Seri permintaan khas dari peminat yang rindukan suara Zul Suphian yang pernah menganggotai kumpulan HandyBlack. Enjoy!

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