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Yongwonhi:Countless euphoria

Posted: 28 Oct 2012 08:50 AM PDT


I've been a frequent updater lately!
Okay, then again it's probably because I feel the need to update with something when I still have the time.
Yup, once the upcoming, final project(restaurant project) starts, I'll never be as free as I am right now! And so because I had about 5 days of break(Yes, alhamdulillah!) right after the kiosk project, I have decided to meet up with any of my old friends while I got the chance.

The last time I met Sad was during her birthday which was in June.
I still remember our(Shez and I) awkward little birthday surprise for her! xD
Read it at HERE , if you're interested!
And this time, instead of hanging out at McD(we've been there like gazillion times =.='), we chose to chill at a cute and small cafe situated just right above the a car workshop just few shops away from Group Base.
The cafe is called, Ours Cafe.
I had recently found out about the place.
I know. I feel really bad and silly for not knowing the existance of this place
I mean, come on la, I've living in BSD for about 7-8 years by now.
To be honest, Nono(my little sister) mentioned the place before few times actually.
They had their BSMM meetings there. How nice.
But then again, me being the "always-so-busy-very-ignorant" sister really just couldn't keep that in mind.
Until few weeks ago when I met up with Alyf, and we had a little chat, he brought me over to this lovely place. Yea, thanks Alyf. :P
To cut short the story, the food was great. All of that food you saw just now, it was only RM10.
It's a 2 student special meal inclusive of the ice lemon tea! Sound great eh? :D
It is! Well, we spent hours talking and talking about what had been evolving around our lives lately.

Then we went over to Sad's house.
And just, WOW.
How many years have I not been here again?
Hehe...when I saw Fifi, well, she doesn't recognised me any more.
She still doesn't talk to strangers(yes, I am a stranger to her.)
But yet, she is so skinny and TALL.
Looking at her reminds me so much of my own niece, Nana.
Yea, they somehow resembles each other in terms of body features.

Oh and because, Sad's mum have to sent Maher to Sabak Bernam, so I was at there for hours.
We just can't stop talking. Then spazz about EXO. Then talk again. Then spazz.
Urgh, a fangirls gotta do, what a fangirls gotta do when they meet up! xD
Nevertheless, we had a great time meeting up and talking about our unresolved problems and laughing about few funny stuff that happen in the past.

To Shez, sorry if this post makes you feel a little left out.
Hey, we did call you in the afternoon just now right? :3
We'll have a get together again with you by the end of this year, okay?

And I just wanna share my latest addiction, MAXSTEP by SM's new dance sub-unit, YOUNIQUE.
The MV is still not out so this is just a fanmade video but still, it's worth watching. :D
Grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready for some seriously epic dance! ^-^
Oh and I just wanna say that Kai is 

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