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Iqram Dinzly - Google Blog Search

Iqram Dinzly - Google Blog Search

<b>Iqram Dinzly</b> JJCM will leave? |

Posted: 29 Nov 2012 01:25 PM PST

                                                     SINCE took over the responsibility asWalking program emcee Search Eat (JJCM), name Iqram Dinzly startbe noted and debated.
 It's not because of the rigid style of hosting or boring,but because of the steadiness of performance that the audience's attention on every episode of the program.
 Already completed the shooting for this season, however Iqram admitted, did not have to continue in office the seasoncome.
 "I have already finished shooting 20 episodes for the programthis. However, what I will continue this program in the summer Hosting will come or not, remains to be considered.
 "Not because of Hosting not enjoy this program, but weight gain makes me quite anxious to proceed.
 "If providence and my mate together JJCM, insha-Allah I willproceed. If not, I consider this a sacrifice for me, "she told Zass.
  not want to compare
 Iqram said he was thankful however JJCM through, henow been nominated in the category early, Popular Star Award 2012 for Men Popular TV Host category.
 Acknowledge grateful with the response provided audiences and fansagainst him, but asked not Iqram compared withlawyer before.
 "For me, this is a senior lawyer before me in JJCM, notabout their younger or older than me, and I amrespect them. "Hosting Duties food program is not theeasy because we have to draw the audience to sample the food served.
 "Thank God, so far, I get pretty good feedback and I did not expect to get such support, "he said.
  Maria as sifu
 Add Iqram, he also meet with the Maria Tunku Sabrifor advice and tips for the success of the program, beforethis.
 "Maria many guides and most importantly he wanted me to beyourself and not imitate his style or others.
 "For me, the audience response to this program now, is thanks to the blessing of all parties," he said.
 Touching on the progress of his art, Iqram said, after morethree months is not involved in any plays, he now setinvolved with the filming of drama Love Sirah for Samarinda slot inTV3.
 "I admit longed to act. But for now, I justinvolved with a serial drama only. Apart from that, I alsobusy to meet certain program as emcee and several programsother charities to help fund the people of Gaza, "he said.

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