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Fizo Omar - Google Blog Search

Fizo Omar - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 22 Apr 2014 06:26 AM PDT

No matter how irate French chefs get over patrons sharing food snaps in social media (one particular cook said the trend under-appreciate their intellectual property,as they regard every dish created as an art form), the food porn culture is au courant, in vogue and stronger than ever.

Now, foodies can share their "foofies" (food selfies) on the all-new mobile app built specifically for those who holds high regard for delectable cuisines, the OpenSnap– The foodies' must-have mobile app to find and share food.


Following recent launches in Hong Kong and Indonesia,OpenSnap make its debut in Malaysia in an event hosted by OpenRice Malaysia, a local division of Hong Kong-based dining guide. Poised to be a hit with Malaysia's thriving food culture and over 17.5 million social media-savvy community, the app has received thumbs-up from the get-go: with local celebrity and entrepreneur Fizo Omar and popular MyFM DJ Mei Yan in attendance to help support and promote the 'makan' mobile software.


"Living in Malaysia with its melting pot of cultures, we bond over food. So what could be a better tool for people to come together than OpenSnap?" says Country Manager for OpenRice Malaysia, Ang Boon Chow in its launching event held in Wondermama, Bangsar Village.

He further explains that OpenSnap is the ideal food finder as it combines the best of community, technology and food within the palm of your hand, as well as making eating out a fun experience.

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Among the features of OpenSnap are:


Personalised restaurant albums: A unique restaurant album with a systematic record of photos and easy sharing of dining experiences.


Food Finder: Use food images to find nearby restaurants. Users can search nearby restaurants by simply browsing photos uploaded by friends.


Rich info behind every snap: Every photo provides a comprehensive details such as restaurant address, location map, phone number, OpenRice ratings, reviews and signature dishes.


Over 1 million restaurants across Asia: OpenSnap has an advanced search function puts restaurants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines in a single app.
Users can also hash tag the themes of their photos, insert filters, use localized stickers, tag friends when uploading photos and share information on personal social networking platforms such as Facebook, Weibo and Twitter, thus taking food porn to a whole other level.


The app also doubles as a publicity fishing rod, as proved by OpenSnap's ambassador Fizo Omar. "I find the application very easy to use and enjoyable. I can share photos of my favourite foods with my followers and also promote my business," asserts the actor, who currently have a hundred (and counting) burger stalls across the nation.

The time is right for a food app considering the high and increasingly growing rates of broadband and smartphone penetration in the country.

This was nodded by Boon Chow, who added: "Malaysians, especially the younger generation are fast adopters of technology. We are looking forward for a positive response similar to other Asian markets. Give it a try and you'd be pleasantly surprised."

The OpenSnap Beta version is available for download from App Store and Google Store.


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