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To substantiate the Tsi-<b>Akim</b> Maidu tribe is Cop Oriented. | belyew

Posted: 12 May 2014 09:43 AM PDT

Anyone in law-enforcement can go onto the computer, the same as all of us on our computers, and type up anything they want about anyone. They can show it to any government person or any of their friends and say, "look that's the truth about them." When it is not even true. That is what court processes were for and you substantiate that it is not true. The court system cannot convict and incarcerate you, but the government to appears to still leave their 'dirty laundry' on their computers and show people like it's true. This is where libel and slander laws come into play. I have seen this first hand when one of the El Dorado County Sheriff showed us their computer screen and said, "Look! Convicted of animal crimes and elderly crimes!?" So I knew they were lying because neither of us have those convictions! Some cops just don't like what others are advocating and they tell us.
Why would Curtis Parks or any other Tsi-Akim Maidu care if we advocate against the cavalry/cops? Doesn't that substantiate to the people what they are? It does to me, but I have been saying this for years. The Tsi-Akim Maidu just keep backing these corrupt cops to the end. "GIMME, GIMME, GIMME"
They should back up their own tribal members that the cops are hurting FOR NO REASON!, just because they do not like them does not validate a reason to harm another human being or child.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2014 04:29 PM PDT

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