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Altimet - Google Blog Search

Altimet - Google Blog Search

Clip: <b>Altimet</b> feat. The Trisno Trio “Hello” | GUMBALL

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 06:00 PM PDT

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Fresh off his brand new and much-anticipated Kotarayaku album launch last Saturday, here's a new Altimet video to "Hello" featuring The Trisno Trio from Singapore. This one is pretty jazzy and definitely radio-friendly, which The Trisno Trio is known for and we love it! The video shot at Bukit Tinggi takes a reverse mode as we uncover how the lead actor goes through obstacles before finding the girl he spotted and finally being able to say "Hello" to her. We predict another big hit for Altimet and if you think so too, go grab your copy of Altimet's Kotarayaku album on iTunes now!

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