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Liyana Jasmay - Google Blog Search

Liyana Jasmay - Google Blog Search

<b>Liyana Jasmay</b> Will Be Engaged Next Month

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 11:26 PM PST

PETALING JAYA – Young actress and singer, Liyana Jasmay, 23, admit that she will be engaged next month with her neighbour who is also a businessman named Fathuddin Mazlan.

Liyana also said, she has already received a ring from her future fiance who is 28 years old.

"He sent an entourage last week and if there are no obstacles, we will be engaged next month.

"The date has to be a secret. Insya-Allah next year we will get married," said Liyana in mStar Online.

Talking about the beginning of Liyana and her future fiance's love story, Liyana who was once rumoured to be linked with singer, Aizat Amdan and young producer, Shamsul Yusof has never admitted to being in love with either men previously.

Liyana admitted that the love feeling came suddenly when she herself experienced it.

"Even all this while I have never said that I was in love with that person or this person. All of it happened quite fast, that is called the power of fate.

"I myself don't know when that love feeling came. What I only realize is that the feeling suddenly appeared in me. We only know that feeling when we experience it ourselves," she said.

For the girl who was popular with the song Aku Tak Percaya Cinta, she did not expect the man who will be her husband is the man living nearby her house.

Liyana added, she is grateful although the man of her choice is not an artist, but, her future fiance greatly understand Liyana's career and profession as an artist.

By: Naimah Shaari

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Posted: 28 Feb 2012 06:03 PM PST

SELEPAS digosipkan bercinta dengan Syamsul Yusof dan Aizat, pelakon dan penyanyi, Liyana Jasmay akhirnya menamatkan spekulasi mengenai jejaka yang layak bertakhta di hatinya apabila mengaku bakal bertunang dengan ahli perniagaan, Fathuddin Mazlan, bulan depan. 

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