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<b>Mizz Nina</b> & Noh ends honeymoon in Maldives : Maldives Traveller <b>...</b>

Posted: 16 Aug 2011 12:16 AM PDT

16 August 2011 | By Jadulla Thaufeeq

After a honeymoon that was indubitably a dizzying eddy of lights and music – along with all the peace and serenity that newlyweds would need – celebrity couple Mizz Nina and Noh has packed up on their trip to Maldives. Mizz Nina, or Shazrina Azman, 31, and husband Mohamed Noh Salleh, 27, returned to Kuala Lumpur after spending two-weeks in the archipelago.

Malaysian R&B artist Mizz Nina shot to fame in under ten years, with a modelling career, radio show experience, and AIM nominations under her belt. She has now broken into the Hollywood market, and many see her as a fresh set of vocals that could easily reach for the stars internationally. Her husband Noh, a musician of indie band Hujan, recently revealed that he is anticipating a big break in the United States as well.

The high powered couple is an indelible fixture in Malaysian magazines, and their trip to the island nation was widely publicized. Their wedding reception was a grand event at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 3 July 2011. By the end of July, the couple was chilling at the 43-room island-resort of Huvafen Fushi Maldives, located in North Malé Atoll. It takes only 30 minutes by speedboat to get there from the Malé International Airport, and is one of the prime celebrity hot-spots in the country.

The couple did go through London and Rome before ending up in these small islands, but nevertheless, the small and simple seems to have enchanted them the most. Noh declared that it is a small wonder that Maldives is a favorite destination among international stars. Nina herself compared the Maldivian seas to an astounding miracle.

The couple enjoyed quality time together during their stay at the spacious Beach Pavilion, also the choice of famous supermodel Kate Moss. There is only one Beach Pavilion at the resort and two Ocean Pavilions. The 800 square meter Beach Pavilion is tastefully designed in avant-garde style, with its very own private beach enclave. The upper floor features a glass paneled floor and floor-to-ceiling glass window that provides an exquisite feeling of being both alone and free.

The couple cited their honeymoon as feeling like a dream, and interestingly took a liking to feeding manta rays – a resort staff would overlook the process, while five or sometimes dozens of manta rays glide around the feet of guests, who feed them. Mizz Nina was thrilled and feeding the manta rays became her daily hobby over the course of her honeymoon stay.

"Although we enjoyed feeding the manta rays, and watched it repeatedly, I still could not believe what I saw," reflected Noh, implying that the beauty is just too good to be true. The couple's dreamlike vacation was crowned by the launching of Mizz Nina's newest single, a collaboration with Flo Rida.

The single, Takeover, was released by Charles Schillings as part of the events that compliment the 5th anniversary of Huvafen Fushi's Dream Calendar. The resort is making it a point to keep partying throughout the year as celebration of the milestone, with more celebrities – like BT and Poet Name Life – planned to make an appearance later on in the year as well.

Both stars, worked to exhaustion when they arrived in the archipelago, left with fresh faces and their spirits riding high. It's one thing spending a honeymoon in Maldives, but it's a completely different level when it combines partying, debuting a new single and having the full Maldives experience while you are at it!

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