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Posted: 05 Feb 2012 11:16 PM PST

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    Ogy Ahmad Daud

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    ogy at the audition Mentor 6 at Sri Pentas.

Fauziah Ahmad Daud is not willing to take the character Azura
Neelofa /> DO NOT blame if her acting is not up for Azura character is heavy and has a lot to play with emotion, said the original cast of the film, Fauziah Ahmad Daud.

In fact, the versatile artist also known by the name Ogy insists, is not fair to compare her acting with the new talent. He said, when the success of these popular characters, he has had much experience, compared Neelofa which first appeared on the big screen.

Ogy own admission, he had to revise the script repeatedly to internalize the difficult character, that he sometimes feels like we are unwilling to bring the role.

However, he said, he lucky to have experience in acting as well often find guidance and encouragement of his parents who are also actors, the late actress Saadiah and the late Datuk Ahmad Daud.

"I was lucky to be born in a family of art, but also received guidance from the late Datuk Jamil Sulong and M Amin.

"I am impressed with Neelofa for daring to take this character and he should be given the opportunity. He was not there to see me to ask about the character of Azura, but I believe the director, Aziz M Osman, who possessed the ability to see, "he said, have the opportunity to watch the new acting talent, although he had witnessed Miss hosts.
Ogy found at the audition Mentor 6 on Monday assume this film is not an easy task because of the narrative plot deep and very difficult to make the audience rocked with emotion game.

Not just read the script, but actors must understand the whole plot of the get a clear picture of the actual sketch of the character.

"If you really delve into the character like peeling onions, of course not. But if we delve into the full depth and detail, the characters will be brought up.

"Late Yusni Hamid character in this film is just great example, that people forget that he was actually a comedic actor," he said, was almost four decades of involvement in the arts. />
Meanwhile, about 400 candidates appear for the audition with her mentor at Sri Pentas.

For Ogy, not appearance or abilities sing the search, but the originality and style of singing, a key pillar of his players selection.

"Everyone can sing, but difficult to find talent that has originality. factor is very important because I do not want participants clones . If any originality, now I want to teaser new talent.

"Most of that came today was not enough preparation, also to any who do not know the title song. I will select participants who meet my tastes, and then made screening to select the best, "he said, surprised by the warm welcome given to the operating session.

Ogy assisted former TV3 personality, Nizal Mohamad, and composer , Ajai, in the audition.

Ogy, Mentor 6 also fielding Disturbed, Adam, Ella, John Ram and Ferhad as mentors for the new season.

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