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Bubble Watch Who Would Win If Tourney Started Today | Betting <b>...</b>

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 07:10 PM PST

This is the fina week in ege basketba betting reguar seasn pay, as every nferene in divisin ne enters int the nferene turnament. In ess than tw weeks, fans, media, bggers, and sprtsbk dds makers aike, wi attempt t determine wh the Natina Champin wi be in the Marh Madness betting turnament. With ny tw weeks eft t frm an pinin, severa eague writers are psting arties abut what teams are n the bubbe and wh wud be psitined where. Tday, we' be king at whih teams wud make up the fur first pae teams and wh we think stands the best sht at winning Marh Madness in the beginning f Apri.

If the turnament were t start right nw, the fur number ne seeds, wud be Kentuky, Syrause, Mihigan State and Duke. Representing the SEC and the Big East, Kentuky and Syrause have been the ass f NCAAB Divisin One ba fr the entire seasn. The big three f Anthny Davis, Drn Lamb and Terrene Jnes eads Kentuky, as they have a 8 and ne rerd in 9 games this seasn. The tri is expeted by bth themseves and by the handiappers arss the NBA t be the tp three piks in this ming draft.

On the ther hand, the 9 and ne Syrause Orange, find themseves in the send seed in the fina AP p heading int the nferene turnaments. In ur pinins, the seetin f paing Syrause send and Kentuky first seems kind f dd fr a upe f reasns. Firsty, Syrause has a mre veteran ineup, as basiay a f their starters have been with the prgram fr the ast tw t three years. Cnversey, Kentuky is a fatry in the sense that the majrity f their payers the ast handfu f seasns has attended the sh fr a year r tw then entered the bkie sftware NBA. In thery, the NCAA is better served having a veteran ridded rster atp the standings, beause they are by a aunts the better team. The ther reasn Syrause shud be number ne in the untry, is beause f their shedue. There is a huge differene, between running a gauntet fied with Cnnetiut, Gergetwn, Ntre Dame, and Luisvie, then there is faing Frida, Vanderbit, LSU, and Aabama. That's nt t say the atter shs aren't gd, but rather nt as strng as the Big East.

If the turnament started tday, Kentuky and Syrause ang with Mihigan State and Duke wud a be the tp seeds in eah f the fur brakets. Syrause and Mihigan State wud be tw f the mbined 6 teams sated t enter the turnament frm either the Big East r the Big 0. With this being the ase, bettrs may be wise t pik a Syrause v Mihigan State fina, as bth prgrams appear t be hitting their stride at the right time. Mihigan State in partiuar has me n strng, as their 4 and five rerd has seen them earn every win this seasn.

Sure: Bubbe Wath Wh Wud Win If Turney Started Tday
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