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Aliff Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aliff Aziz - Google Blog Search

<b>Aliff Aziz</b> has Breakup Relationship with Zarina Anjoulie | Rima Alliq <b>...</b>

Posted: 09 May 2012 10:35 PM PDT

As soon as the actress, Zarina Anjoulie Lavocah sparkedcontroversy involving him with the singer, Aliff Aziz in the social networking site Twitter, the singer who hails from Singaporeacknowledge their relationship has already broken.

In fact, Aliff Aziz said there is nothing more that can be reviewed onits relationship with bias because it has long ended.

"After it happened I do not even meet and communicate with it. I think there is nothing more to be Reviewed.

"Enough. I think this issue is over and it sparked controversy ischeap publicity," he said after the launch of his album titled AliffAziz.

The popular singer with Love, Love this song says what happenedin his life considered rencah that she is a singer for five years under the umbrella of Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

"I am now more mature and be careful to go through the next daysas a singer is always the rage.

"After all this controversy did not help his career already, and I will not let other people tried to kill my career," he had come out with thesingle Do Not Disturb boyfriend in the latest album.

Aliff third album already in the market on March 20 and have included eight songs and two minus one.

Meanwhile, the already comfortable Aliff develop his career hereadmits not ready to apply for Malaysian citizenship.

"I'm not wanted, but I was not ready to do so. Let me strengthen my career right here and a new confidence I think to be a permanent resident of Malaysia," luahnya.

In addition to appearing with a new album, new Aliff finished filmingthe drama Between the combine drama with actress Anne Ngasricurrently shooting with actors in tele Vilog Wawa Zainal.

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