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Bunkface - Google Blog Search

Blog Update 20/04/12 | <b>Bunkface</b>

Posted: 07 May 2012 07:38 PM PDT

Bunkers! We just rocked KL Live with SUM41!! It was really an awesome show! It has always been a dream, since we formed Bunkface, to be able to share a stage with our idols – SUM41, and our dream came true! Even the name 'Bunkface' itself came from one of the SUM41 songs, that shows how much they mean to us. We'd like to thank everybody who were involved in making the event a huge success – especially SUM41 for coming to Malaysia, and One Buck Short for inviting us. We even performed two new songs from our upcoming second album! To those of y'all who missed it, get yourselves ready for Bunkface's Malaysian tour real soon! Take care guys!

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