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Yuna - Google Blog Search

Yuna - Google Blog Search

Ash-Oh-Tonic: My ideas: <b>Yuna</b>, Sparkle Project

Posted: 11 May 2012 08:38 AM PDT

Hi Friday! I just got up from my nap. Zzzz... I'm still so sleepy right now >_> I just slept for 4 hours last night and I woke up at 8am on the other day :( Thanks to my basic design assignments!!! LOL I don't love you ok, now there's another bunch of assignments waiting for me to complete it, haih.

Back to topic, today I decided to share some of my ideas for Yuna's Sparkle project ^^! Still remember my previous post of * Yuna's The Sparkle Project * ? Yup, basically the sparkle project is a music video project for Yuna's new single * Sparkle * that made entirely on the Samsung Galaxy Note and she needs ideas from us! Aww... I hope she will sees my ideas :-o
So, here is it,
My idea cloud- Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Dream is like a box of crayon

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