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Fizo Omar - Google Blog Search

Foto <b>Fizo Omar</b> Bersama Kekasih Baru, Haas Jaafar | OHBULAN!

Posted: 03 Feb 2013 04:00 PM PST


Dengan wajah kacak dan juga personaliti yang menarik, OHBULAN! pasti ramai wanita diluar sana yang meminati Fizo Omar, kan?

Terbaru, pelakon berusia 28 tahun ini melalui sebuah akhbar online tempatan mengesahkan bahawa dia sudah pun mempunyai kekasih baru, Haas Jaafar.

"Buat masa ini terlalu awal untuk bercakap soal kahwin tetapi saya selesa dengan Haas yang cukup sekepala dengan saya. Soal jodoh saya letakkan kepada takdir." – Fizo, dipetik dari mStar Online.

Mereka berdua pertama kali ditemui hadir bersama di majlis resepsi Liyana Jasmay & Fathuddin oleh portal Rotikaya yang berlangsung pada malam Sabtu lepas. Jadi, kepada anda yang ada menyimpan hasrat dihati, lupakan lah ya.

Mari lihat foto wajah kekasih Fizo selepas ini.

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People Love <b>Fizo Omar</b> Orissa Options |

Posted: 03 Feb 2013 09:25 PM PST

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KUALA LUMPUR: After the riddle of his love relationship, Fizo actor Omar finally confirmed being friends with a25-year-old woman known as Haas Jaafar.
Fizo, 28, said they had dated for several yearsas a regular and has just established a special relationship sincethree months ago.
"I can if you do not want to be too revealing this love affairbut I admit it now I'm in love with Haas.
"However, this relationship is still in early stage and we're got to know each character, "he said when met at theanniversary celebration Datuk Shah Rezza 52 here on Sunday.
Fizo attend to the ceremony with his beloved, and appear on the clothing of the color of white sedondon.
In the meantime, Fizo said attitude comes from understanding womenOrissa has appealed to him as well as having many similaritiesmake them compatible.
"At the moment it is too early to talk about marriage, but IHaas comfortable enough with one head with me. My mate questionadd to fate, "he said.
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Meanwhile, when asked about Fizo Haas told the relationship closely the man with his family had appealed to him toactor.
"Fizo very concerned about family relationships and attitudesresponsibilities have been compelling me but he was very understanding andshort in many things, "he said adding that he was aLim Kok Wing University Bachelor degree in ManagementBusiness and Entrepreneurship.
Add to Haas, he is not afraid of the possibility of their relationship will into the world of entertainment for putting full faithto Fizo.
"Before this is when it comes to any matter mellibatkannya, he willTell me the real situation and I'm the type that does notstory and understand his career as an actor, "he said.
In another development, told business Fizo Hot Burgersworked for a few months managed to expand branchesup to 30 stalls and will continue to expand this year.
"Thank God sufficiently encouraging response and more and moreyouth who show an interest in doing business in the Hot Burgerthem.
"Just a little misunderstanding arises when people who thought Iambassador to the brand instead I was the owner, "he said.
Still active in acting, Fizo said he would emerge with a film titled Love Signals as well as recently completed the shooting drama Letter From Blue Sky and the telemovie Nur Sarah .

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