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Yuna - Google Blog Search

Lightning Returns: Cloud, Aeris & <b>Yuna</b> costumes hit PSN Japan <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Dec 2013 01:26 AM PST

Tue, Dec 17, 2013 | 09:32 GMT

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shows off Cloud, Aerith <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Dec 2013 04:02 AM PST

A new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII shows off Lightning's Cloud, Aerith (Aeris), and Yuna DLC outfits.

The outfits are available to download from today on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Western gamers will be able to get their hands on the Cloud Strife costume and weapon by pre-ordering the game. While the Aerith Gainsborough costume and weapon will be included with the game's Collector's Edition, which is exclusive to the Square Enix store.

The publisher is yet to announce a way for Western gamers to get their hands on Lightning's Yuna outfit, but presumably it will be available at some point.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set to release February 11, 2014 in North America and February 14, 2014 in Europe for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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