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Shila Amzah - Google Blog Search

Shila Amzah - Google Blog Search

MyNewsHub | <b>Shila Amzah</b>, Adam Tun Tuah Sparks Romance <b>...</b>

Posted: 15 May 2014 10:08 PM PDT

PETALING JAYA – Shila Amzah was in a hot seat once more when gossip mongers whispered a budding love affair between her and former AXE-tronaut 2013 space program hopeful Adam Tun Tuah.

According to MStar Online, Shila, 24, was reported to have uploaded a tell-tale photo of them on Instagram, complete with cutesy captions that leaves fans guessing the true nature of their relationship.

The rumour started to spread when Adam also posted a picture of them together on the popular photo-sharing site.


Sources say the two of them has forged a friendship and had been seen together a few times, especially during Shila's fan club meetings whenever the singer returned home from China.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Shila about the rumoured romance is unsuccessful as she is currently in Shanghai attending her music engagements.

Shila was previously involved in a short-lived romantic relationship with actor Sharnaaz Ahmad before being linked to Johan As'ari.

On the other hand, Adam was one of the Top Five contestants in the Malaysian AXE-tronaut program and were set to represent the country to a space camp held by the AXE Apollo Space Academy based in Orlando, Florida.

Unfortunately, his dreams of rubbing shoulders with legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin came to an end when he lost out to a female contestant, Roshini Muniam.

Adam refuses to supply any disclosure over the reputed romance.


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