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Dils Stop .: Cuci The Musical - The Last Kopek

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 08:04 PM PST

Aku actually very curious about the The Last Kopek ituuu... sebab bunyi adalah sangat obscene. Atau aku memang otak kuning. 
Cuci is one of the few recent Malay movies I actually watched. Ye. Saya memang berlagak suke tengok cerita Western sahaja. Tetapi to be fair when Malaysia keluarkan movie (which to be fair maybe a straight to Astro first type of movie ) seperti Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap, bukan ke ko rasa macam Malaysian filmmaker ni rase the penonton is too bodoh. To be fair too, Western movies seperti Skyline ( yang aku tengok kejab semalam ) pon rubbish tahap menggiler. Tapi when they also produced film like The Fighter ( where you can see the actors work REALLY hard to get that level of physical transformation) rase macam nak menangis bile I can't find the same equivalent in our shore. 
Ok aku dah melalut dari nak bercerita pasal musical Cuci kepada tahap filmmaking and acting qualities in Malaysia vs Western. 
Anyway courtesy of a lovely friend, we manage to attend the media preview to watch Cuci the Musical. 
Aku nak buat point form. Sebab aku malas. 
Tak perlu synopsis kut because I think most of us had watched the movie. The movie was quite good and entertaining though lacking in something I can't comprehend. But it is still good nonetheless. I can't remember exactly what went on in the movie so I can't actually compare it to the musical if they had make some changes. But from what I can remember apart from some minor details, more or less it is the same. 
This is after all the Season 3 (or going to be) of the musical running, so I also gathered a lot of people had already watched the musical. 
Anyway, the cast this time consist of Afdlin Shauki, Hans Isaac, Awie and Nabil ( taking over the AC Mizal role in the movie) . Not sure if in the past seasons it was still Nabil. I like these 4 cast, they have good working synergy and you can see that the jokes being bounced at each other works like a charm because they honestly loves working together and throwing ideas together. 
The supporting are Vanidah Imran, Harun Salim Bachik, Dina and Douglas Lim. I love all of them excepting Vanidah Imran I love a tiny bit less which I will expand upon later. 
It was good, entertaining, manage to not make me feel regretful missing out on cuddle cat time at home. ( Aku sangat appreciate cuddling cat time okeh ). That is a big plus. 
 I love the upbeat songs, especially when the strongest voice in the house belt it out. Sung by Afdlin, Awie and  Dina always manage to perk you up. I especially love one of the Dina song she busted out some pretty nice move to dance along and not even a waver in her powerful voice. I heart Dina y'all. 
Apart from the fabulous 4, which you know is gonna be fabulous and hilarious, I always enjoy the scene whenever Harun Salim Bachik, Dina and Douglas Lim take the stage. Harun Salim Bachik is no surprise as he is a veteran in comedic acting. But the other 2 surprises me greatly with their timing and delivery and I love their addition in this cast. 
The set is one of the more nicest sets I had ever set. Kudos to the set director or whoever you may called it to be. One of the most disappointing thing I had from watching PGL is because I felt the set is bland and amateurish. This is one of the more better set I'd seen. It was big, it was expressive, and I especially love the loving details they put into it. I felt like giving the set director a standing ovation because to me, it was kinda impressive. 
I laughed out loud a lot of time and based on the crowd they felt the same. It was ohsem. It was great. It was a success. 
Now the cons: ( sebab saya memang suke complain)
Now Vanidah Imran because I promised to expand further on this. I love Vanidah Imran. Make no mistake. I think she is one of the best actress in her generation. She was good in this. But there is something lacking. I think the something is the comedic timing. Maybe a the script just called on the heroine to just look pretty and be fawned over. I don't think she have great comedic timing. Sometimes she hit it, sometimes I just smiled. I wish Malaysian have a lot of great comedic actress. Maybe there is one, but I can't think of any right now. Give me example! ( oh yes, Ida Nerina is one of em! )
The more slower songs, I kept yawning at. Tapi mungkin saya mengantuk sebab saya tak sempat makan. 
I think some scenes are being dragged a bit, some feel kinda flat and I felt a bit impatient for it to finish. But I felt a lot of movies and theaters are the same, so maybe it is just me. Like I said, I lapar la time tu. 
Overall it was a smooth production ( smooth in term of the jokes, seamless scenes) and mighty entertaining with some minor tiny things that people always gonna find fault at even at the most impressive critically acclaimed production. You won't regret it. And basically isn't that the point, that you won't regret handing out your hard earned money to entertain yourselves? 
(ye saya tengok free, tapi kalau saya bayar pon saya tak rase menyesal)
p/s: Terima kasih kerana bagi saya tiket Astro and friend. :D

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