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Posted: 17 Apr 2012 04:51 AM PDT

BUSY: Ning Baizura has two shows this week, a new single in June, a perfume launch at the end of the year and looks forward to being a mum.

AFTER  parting with her previous management company, singer/actress Ning Baizura took on a new manager, in the form of Christopher Dalton, her husband.

It was not easy at first.

Managing a marriage and a career are two very separate things.

"Chris is from a different background. Initially, he wanted to help out with the setting up of my business.

"Although he had little knowledge of the entertainment industry, he knew a great deal about managing and how to run a business.

"The first three months were hard. It was like an orientation. When I brought him in, I needed him to understand my world first.

"But now, he is getting used to it and totally knows what this business is all about. Now, we are both are enjoying a better ride together," said Ning.

Dalton is also confident that Ning can handle her business properly, so much so that he is ready to start his work again.

"I quit my old job so that I could help my wife run her business better. Now that she is, I will step back and do my own thing in a month or so," said Dalton who has been accompanying Ning to all her functions since he quit his job.

Looking very tanned and absolutely gorgeous, Ning, who just came back from diving in Bali, Indonesia, is also ready to be a mother.

Having been married for five years now, the two are all geared up to cuddle their own baby.

"Yes, this is the right time and we are working on it. I couldn't have done it in the past as I had personal issues to sort out with my previous management company.

"We also undertook several projects like organising a concert here in Malaysia and one in Nottingham, England. That took a lot of energy and time.

"Now that everything is out of the way, we are both ready and eager!"

Before that can happen, Ning has several more projects that need "babying" first.

This Thursday, she will perform at Menara Kuala Lumpur with Shila Amzah. The luncheon show will see Ning and Shila dueting as well as Ning singing solo. Tickets for this show are almost sold out.

The following day, Ning will perform at another function at Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, also during lunch. Both performances are in conjunction with Secretaries' Week.

"I'm giving a 30-minute performance where I will sing, interact with the crowd and give away many prizes and vouchers from Medishape, my own health and beauty spa. Let's just say there will be a lot of pampering at the show," said Ning, who is becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Ning said that organising her own concert in December made her realise how difficult it is.

"Putting a show together is not easy. There was so much to do. It involved hundreds of discussions, meetings and people. Still, we managed to do it ourselves in the end. I was very happy as the response was very good," said Ning, who also helped organise another concert in Nottingham, England.

The Nottingham performance took two years of planning.

It all started with an invitation from her sister-in-law who produced the same kind of show 10 years ago. It was themed "When You Wish Upon A Star". The association which organised the show was celebrating its 21st anniversary.

"I sang and co-hosted the show with a local celebrity named Zoe Tyler. We had a big turnout of about 1,500 people. The show was a variety. We had singing performances, jazz dancers, choirs, acrobats, poets, the works. I was basically involved from day one. We had auditions to choose the performers," said Ning.

If you think singing is taking a back seat, well, Ning has just completed recording her latest single, which will be used as a theme song for a movie that is scheduled for screening in the middle of the year.

She is not acting in any movies at the moment as "acting takes up a lot of time and energy, too".

"So I have to put that on hold for the time being", said Ning.

After her Secretaries' Week shows, Ning will be busy preparing for another performance next month in conjunction with Mother's Day.

In the meantime, Ning is looking ahead.

"I am a business partner and the face of another product called Neubody. It is inner wear. I am also finalising a business deal for my own perfume."

Ning is definitely on a roll!

Ning Baizura trivia

• Favourite local singer?
Amy Search.

• Favourite international singers?
John Legend (perfect duet partner), forever Whitney Houston and Madonna.

• All-time favourite songs?
The first time (ever I saw your face) by Celine Dion and Whitney's Saving All My Love For You.

• Favourite local actors?
Datuk Rahim Razali and Rosyam Nor.

• Favourite local actress?
Sofia Jane, Vanidah Imran and Umie Aida.

• Favourite local movies?
Ombak Rindu, Abang.

• Favourite international actors?
Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman.

• Favourite international actresses?
Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman.

• Favourite international movie?

• Favourite local directors?
Osman Ali and Erma Fatima.

• Favourite foreign songwriters?
Diane Warren, David Foster and Timbaland.

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Setelah 20 tahun bergiat di dalam industri seni tanahair, kejayaan demi kejayaan ditempa penyanyi bersuara hebat ini namun auranya masih berada dalam kelas tersendiri.

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