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Juliana Evans - Google Blog Search

Juliana Evans - Google Blog Search

<b>Juliana Evans</b> | Beautiful Malaysian

Posted: 03 May 2012 06:41 AM PDT

Juliana Sophie binti Johari Evans (born July 5, 1989  in Shah Alam, Selangor) is a Malaysian video jockey, events MC, and television personality.

Juliana Evans 5 Juliana Evans

She made her name as a host of children as young as 12 years, and later popular as a hosts Remaja program on TV3.

Juliana Evans 3 682x1024 Juliana Evans

She created the popular TV hosts as eloquent as to be nominated at the Pengacara TV Wanita Popular (ABPBH).

Juliana Evans Juliana Evans

She holds a record as the youngest female hosts had been nominated in that category is at the age of 19 years.

Juliana Evans 2 Juliana Evans

He created the popular TV host as eloquent as to be nominated in Star Awards 2008 for the category of Popular Female TV Host (Baiturrahman) .

Juliana Evans 1 Juliana Evans

Juliana now switched to television stations to run the program Astro TV Era .In addition to hosting active, she tries her talents in acting, but her talent has not fully reflected.

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