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Get Creative With Astro | Rekativiti – A Brand New Art Competition <b>...</b>

Posted: 20 Sep 2012 10:04 PM PDT

Astro is proud to present Rekativiti, a brand new show coming to Astro TVIQ (Channel 610) that sets out to inspire creativity in young Malaysians. As part of Astro's ongoing commitment to help enrich lives through educational and fun learning content, Rekativiti aims to encourage children to tap into their creative potential by engaging in fun, artistic challenges.

"Rekativiti takes a unique approach in emphazing the importance of art in our children's cognitive development, which enhances skills in problem solving, critical thinking and communication." said Ravi Gopal, Head of Education at Astro.

"We hope that the show will inspire our young generation to engage in creative activities at home and at school, to boost their developmental skills and to encourage fun learning through the discovery of art."

Astro TVIQ - Rekativiti

Rekativiti is an 8-episode art competition show for choldren aged 7 to 12 years old. Each week, our young participants will partake in challenges which involve crafting, colouring, drawing, decoration and painting by using regular day-to-day items. Each episode involves a mini-task and a big challenge with an incorporated theme including food & beverage, recyclable items and 1Malaysia.

Astro TVIQ - Rekativiti

Hosted by lively young stars Elfira Loy and Zoey Rahman, Rekativiti will kick off with its first episode on Sunday 23rd September 2012 at 10am on Astro TVIQ, which will feature auditions of young contestants taking part in various challenges to demonstrate their creative ability.

Following the audition stage, 12 teams of short-listed contestants will venture into mini-tasks as well as big challenges and have their artwork assessed by expert judges Imuda and Azhar Sulaiman as well as a special celebrity judge.

Astro TVIQ - Rekativiti

There is also an elimination round at the endo feach episode, whereby the judges will determine whether or not each team will remain for another week of exciting challenges based on their present artwork. Ultimately, there can only be one team crowned as champion in the Rekativiti show finale this November.

Using the best resources and stationeries by official sponsor, Faber-Castell, our young contestants have the opportunity to work exclusively with Faber-Castell quality products to aid in their creative performance and outcome.

"We see great potential in Rekativiti, and hope that the launch of this program will become the impetus for more programs of such nature that will inspire, stimulate creativity and spur involvelment in learning," said the Managing Director of Faber-Castell Asia Pasific, Dr Toh Yan Peng.

In conjunction with thw show's launch, Faber-Castell is also thrilled for the contestants to experience its latest Grip concept range of black lead and color pencils.

Astro TVIQ - Rekativiti

"The grip dots on our range of Grip products are ingeniously developed for small hands. As all parents will know, expanding a child's motor skill is imperative in development. These products help enhance control and enable better dexterity among children, aiding them to develop faster in their tender years and encouraging them to explore further." Dr Toh added.

Kids at home can also visit the official Rekativiti website to partake in the fun challenges set out on the show. The website will include information about current and upcoming Reaktiviti episodes, profiles of the show's hots, judges and contestants, short videos demonstrating art and the craft tips, as well as a photo gallery of Rekativiti's weekly episodes and behind the scenes activities.

Astro TVIQ - Rekativiti

In addition, viewers can also click on Astro's Red Button service for weekly updates on Rekativiti episodes, as well as profiles of contestants and opportunities for kids to submit their own pieces of artwork.

Don't forget to catch Rekativiti's first episode on Sunday 23rd September and every following Sunday at 10am exclusively on Astro TVIQ (Channel 610).

To subscribe to Astro, contact 1300 82 3838 or log on to

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