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Album Review: <b>Mizz Nina</b> – Takeover | Music

Posted: 10 Jun 2012 07:01 PM PDT

Mizz Nina has established herself as one of Malaysia's leading pop artist since the rise of her massive first single "What You Waiting For" with international artist Colby O'Donis off her debut album of the same title. The pop princess is back with her sophomore release titled Takeover and it's a double-disc release! Mizz Nina is sounding and looking better than ever.

For Mizz Nina's second album drop, the first disc features 7 new original materials and the second disc are 7 remixes of her materials. The first disc opens with her catchy first single of the album title with international rap star Flo Rida. Another fun track "With You" has been getting a lot of airplay comes in right after the title track. Both "Takeover" and "With You" definitely is leaning towards the "What You Waiting For" formula with more sugar added. Mizz Nina roped Croatian producers Koolade for those two tracks, as well as the Black Eyed Peas-inspired track "Just Do It", which sounds like a real club banger with catchy hooks and accents.

Colby O'Donis returns to work with Mizz Nina and contributed two tracks to this album namely the exciting "Hit Me Up" as well as the very cute and fun R&B cut "Cup of Love". Her latest single "Rentak Yang Sama" and the only Malay track from this album is produced by Malaysia's superstar DJs/producers Goldfish & Blink, with lyrics by hubby Noh Salleh. The song rides on the famous dubstep phenomenon and it works like a charm! Mizz Nina knows the market and is definitely pushing the music boundaries with that single. Speaking of pushing boundaries, she also roped in new and talented hip hop artist Saph from rap trio SSK to produce her only hip hop track "Just You And Me". You know she had to do this one for her hip hop fans, where she is most known for from her days with one of the country's hip hop pioneer groups, Teh Tarik Crew.

On to the second disc of remixes. Get ready to dance as she roped in Goldfish, Blink and DJ Fuzz to given second takes on her songs "What You Waiting For", "Takeover", "Get It", "Rentak Yang Sama", "Let Me C U Get It" and "Hope and Emotions". The last track on this disc is an acoustic take on "Takeover" and it proves to everyone that Mizz Nina can really sing. Other tracks that stood out were Goldfish & Blink's remix of "Rentak Yang Sama", which is transformed into a monstrous club banger, as well as DJ Fuzz's dope hip hop take on "Hope and Emotions", which samples our very own Aizat Amdan's "Emotions" on chorus. This disc will definitely make you dance and groove.

Overall, this is another solid effort from Mizz Nina that you must check out. The art direction for Takeover is also worth mentioning. You can see the quality of the photos and design of this album packaging. Mizz Nina fans, fellow pop music fans, dance music fans and R&B fans are definitely going to embrace this album with no problem. The wait for a new Mizz Nina album was worth it and you can see a positive progression of her art. Will Mizz Nina take over again with this album? Time will tell. In the meantime, we are very certain Mizz Nina will not slow down and you'd be hearing more exciting music from this pop princess for years to come.

Check out the music videos for "Takeover" and "Rentak Yang Sama" here.

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