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Marketing, DiGi holds country&#39;s biggest Twitter fest, MALAYSIA <b>...</b>

Posted: 01 Nov 2012 12:00 AM PDT


Malaysia - For the second year running, DiGi Telecommunications held its biggest social media gathering, which saw almost 3,000 social network fans gather for the telco giant's October Tweet Festival 2012 (#OCTTWTFEST).

The gathering saw 3,000 Twitter users, YouTube filmmakers, local entertainment celebrities and their online fans gathered last Saturday (27 October) at D'House, the campus headquarters of DiGi.

The seven-hour event previewed the screening of TwitterJayaTV's 'Lagenda Ombak KL Sempit Balik Rumah', a locally produced YouTube parody of famous Malaysian movies with cameos by local celebrities.

According to Sulin Lau, head of marketing services for DiGi, this is the first year it is using the festival to preview its first YouTube film using Tweeters to collect immediate feedback.

"For us, the social media community is much more than a communications channel. It is a hotbed of creativity, energy and ingenuity and as a brand, we want to celebrate these online innovators, partner with them and also learn from them," Lau added.

Prominent personalities who turned up include award-winning actress Tasha Shilla, Akademi Fantasia alumni Amir Jahari, TV host and producer Rina Omar, Malaysian Idol alumni Dina Nazir (pictured), hip hop artiste Joe Flizzow and Friend of DiGi child star Mia Sara.

This year's #OCTTWTFEST was supported by Pemandu, AirAsia, HTC and Nescafe. Other partner collaborators include KACM, WAGO, Kartel Records, Jplay, Raising The Bar, Paranormal, TwitterJaya TV, Amanz and ZiccoTees.

Last year's Twitter fest created a new Guinness World Record for number of people gathered at a single Tweetup with 2,615 attendees.


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