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Altimet - Google Blog Search

<b>Altimet</b> featuring Liyana Fizi | World Youth Jazz Festival

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 05:00 PM PDT

Altimet is an award winning rapper, live entertainer, songwriter, producer, arranger, television and live event host. Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman, better known as Altimet, is recognized as an industry mover and among the "individuals who are shaping Malaysia" (August Man magazine August 2010 issue).

Making the decision to pursue solo career, Altimet was immediately offered a record and talent management deal by Kartel Records. He's experienced as a professional live entertainer is second to none with over a decade's worth of quality performances from a smallest of gigs to prestigious concerts and award shows.



Liyana Fizi plays acoustic tunes tinged with a mix of folk and bossa. Gaining acknowledgment for her melodic songwriting, the singer made her first debut as one of the founding members of Malaysian indie-pop band Estrella. Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements of her music, using simplicity as the main staple. Currently singing and playing rhythm guitar as a solo artiste since September 2009, Liyana performs with her permanent band of sessionists, and takes a vast interest in using music as an outlet for expression.

As the singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist for her old band Estrella, Liyana together with other founding member and lead guitarist Adzwan Ani (Yob), circulated the local scene with their own brand of acoustic music back in 2006, before the band decided to team up and expand with Laguna Music in January 2007. Estrella's self-titled album was released in December 2007, and in a span of a year, the band was rewarded with 8 nominations for the inaugural Voize Independent Music Awards [VIMA]. However, due to internal changes in direction for Estrella made by the record label, Liyana decided to move on upon the band's contract expiry on 30th Sept 2009, following the footsteps of Yob who had left the band the year before.

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