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Hype&#39;s Now Playing: Altimet feat <b>Awi Rafael&#39;s</b> - Kalau Aku Kaya <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Nov 2013 10:52 PM PST

Altimet, the Malaysian rapper has dropped the official music video for his brand new single "Kalau Aku Kaya (If I was Rich)" and it's hit over two million views on Youtube! Ahmad Abdul Rahman, or Altimet, duets with Awi Rafael on this one.


When asked about the meaning behind the song, Altimet said the song was meant to uplift the people's spirit and give encouragement to pursue their ambitions in achieving a better life.

Sources reveal that the song is the result of a joint effort by Audi Mok and Omar K, while the lyrics are written entirely by Altimet.

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