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RUNNING WITH PASSION: Celebrunner: Tengku Azura @ Bunohan <b>...</b>

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 03:10 PM PST

It's been awhile since we published any Celebrunner pose in this blog. Just waiting for the right celebrity to "run" into the picture. Heheh!

Yesterday night, we found the right candidate at a movie premiere gala in TGV, KLCC. Check out Tengku Azura, Malaysia's super gorgeous supermodel turned actress for the movie, Bunohan.

Tengku Azura plays Mek Yah, a Mak Yung dancer turned were-crocodile (buaya jadian). She's the only female cast in the movie. Psst...check out the scene when she appears out of the water mysteriosuly, not unlike Halle Berry in Tomorrow Never Dies. Heheh!

We approached her for the running pose at the red carpet when she was walking in with make-up artist extraordinaire, Khir Khalid.

Without any hesitation, she agreed and gave us the best supermodel running pose ever! :D

We are truly honoured. Thanks Tengku Azura! Follow her on Twitter HERE.

The gala was a star-studded event. Some even early gave us a running pose without asking, like actor, Rashidi Ishak, seen here with his gorgeous wifey, actress Vanidah Imran. LOL! Check out Rashidi and Vanidah Imran running poses HERE and HERE.

Miss Universe Malaysia, Deborah Henry. See her running poses HERE and HERE.

Lina Teoh - Documentary filmmaker, producer, TV presenter, actor and former Miss World 2nd runner up.

Joanna Bessey, actress and director.


Faizal Hussein who plays a murderer, Ilham in Bunohan.

Mislina Mustaffa

Bront Palarae. Check out Bront running pose HERE.

Wan Hanafisu

Lead actor of Bunohan, Zahiril Adzim. Check out Zahiril running pose HERE.

Zahiril & wifey, Shera Ayob. Cute couple, eh?

Another cute couple, Sheila Majid & Acis. Check out Sheila Majid running pose HERE.

Politician, Khairy Jamaluddin. (KJ). Getting ready for "Bunohan" in the coming election, eh? Heheh!

The cast and director of Bunohan.

Three leads of Bunohan - (left) Zahiril Adzim, Pekin Ibrahim, Faizal Hussein and the director, Dain Said.

The Malaysian Fight Club. :)

Candid shot at the makan area after the red carpet. :D

Check out Bunohan trailer below! ENJOY!

Bunohan opens at the cinemas nationwide on 8 March! Go see it!

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