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WALL to WALL: What's in my mind?

Posted: 15 Apr 2012 09:22 AM PDT

 I wrote that (get a job!!) in my little note book few days before I do the job hunting again. And, Alhamdulillah I got the job. Hewhew. I don't really care about the salary and blabla, all I care is about experience. And of course to build up my communication skill and also learn to be independent. Lunch sorang-sorang, nak convince people lagi, ingat senang ke? Haha. By the way, today (I mean yesterday) was my third day, and I am enjoying the work. No stress at all. Workmates pun semuanya baik-baik dan sgt membantu orang yg zero about everything. Hukss. The main point here is, whenever I start writing my short/long term goal in that tiny book, I feel really bersemangat to do anything. Oh yeah that book is my bestfriend now. I changed the old book to the new one which is more cantik than before. Muahaha. Anddddd I already taste the Snogurt. Not bad at all. Sedap! For Universiti student, just bring your matric card and you'll get 10% discount if I"m not mistaken. Heee. And on Wednesday, is ladies day, so all women in the world who go to Snogurt on Wednesday will get discount! Hahaha. Specialnya women di mana-mana. Muahaha. I met Raja Farah. She's so cuteee and and cutee and more cute. LOL. >.<  Raja Farah is the owner for the Snogurt dekat Metropoint Kajang. Sapa taktahu dia noob. Kahkah. Bytheway, thanks for the yellow blackberry casing, Love :)

Oklah till then, I will post another boring entry whenever I feel free. Muehehe. Good Night. Assalamualaikum.

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