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Me Dayzee: <b>Najwa Mahiaddin</b> - Got to Go (lirik)

Posted: 26 Nov 2012 08:00 PM PST

Got to go - Najwa Mahiaddin

This time I'm gonna live my life
I ain't no stepford wife 
no I ain't perfect 
gonna find somebody who's worth it

And no you ain't that person
'cause I know you constantly flirtin'
with my best friend (my best friend)

So I'll guess I say goodbye
I'll fine me another guy...

Chorus :
Why........(why why why)
You always makin' me
Cry..........(cry cry cry)
No I can't stand it
No you can be my man
it's don't matter who you are
even if you are a star
You got to go (go go go..2x)
You got to go (go go go..2x)

Read my lips I'm Leavin'
and I ain't teasin'
This time is for real
gonna find you another girl
'Cause this one sure ain't stayin'
By the time you finish what you sayin'
I'll be gone..I'll be gone..

Repeat * & Chorus

You got to go...

(go go go..go go go)2x

You got to..
scrap the most meet not baby
you got to go.. you got to go..
I don't want to hear..
I don't want to hear anymore

Repeat (rap)

Repeat Chorus (slow)

Baby you got to, got to go..
(go go..go..)
you got to go
(go go..go..)
...........till the end

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