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Ning Baizura - Google Blog Search

Ning Baizura - Google Blog Search

TV I&#39;ve been watching and Meeting <b>Ning Baizura</b> |

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 09:00 AM PDT

I've been really busy in the past week man. I can't even describe the things I've been doing. Here are a couple of things that I've been up to though.

1) I've been watching a LOT of documentaries. Haha! I can't believe I missed out on all these things. In the past I would always only stumble upon some good ones when I flip channels on Astro but I hardly watch any TV these days. So I totally missed out on that. But remember when I blogged some time back about geting Astro Byond PVR?

Well two things have happened since then. One is that the contest ended and the winner Nor Iman or is now going on a nice holiday trip to KK.

The other thing is that… I've really started integrating Astro Byond PVR into my daily life. See I love watching documentaries but not just any documentary. I go on Discovery Channel sometimes and find the stuff I love but sometimes I find stuff about Egyptian Pharoahs or even Wildlife which really doesn't interest me at all. What interests me is modern history, modern weapons, extreme machines and stuff like that. So my favourite 3 channels on Astro are Discovery Channel, Discovery Science and History Channel. These 3 are all enough to satisfy all the knowledge I want in the world. I look at their schedules and then I just pick and choose what I like to record on my PVR.

I even watched this documentary last week about the Top 20 most feared weapons in the world in which the B-2 bomber came in tops.

So every few days when I come home from work and have dinner I'll turn on the TV  and instead of flipping channels for something interesting to watch I'll just pick one of the shows I've recorded and watch it. Two things change the way I watch videos today. One is YouTube of course and the other has gotta be Byond PVR. I especially love that it's so easy to use too. When I was overseas on business one day I heard that a TV interview I did some time back was going to air. I just messaged my sister and taught her in a few lines how to record it for me and even she was surprised at how easy it was to use.

Really love my Byond PVR man. One of those gadgets that I never thought I would need but I'm glad now that I have.

2) Met Ning Baizura Today!

This Monday morning Ning Baizura who's now a part of ChurpChurp dropped by the office to pay all the Nuffies a visit. When she walked into the office everybody instantly recognized her but everyone tried to be professional and not act awed or star-struck. So we had a chat with Ning and then we invited some Nuffnang bloggers over to meet her and they had a bit of a Meet and Greet session about her.


They asked her about her new album launch and her upcoming concert later this year at KL Live (Details on that later). Then after all that was done we finally told the Nuffies that they can now come in and take pictures with Ning. Suddenly everyone rushed.


I managed to get a picture with Ning myself too and she got me a copy of her latest album.


I first met Ning some few years ago. I had just finished dinner with Shorty at Alexis in Gardens when I saw her walking in. Then I just shouted like a fan boy (at least this is how her husband Chris remembers it) "NINGG!!!!".

She stopped and talked to me for a while then they asked me about what I did. I mentioned Nuffnang and she knew what I did so we exchanged cards. Then just recently Chris called me up to catch up and we decided to organize a meetup with Ning in our office today. Ning is really down to earth in person… no air about her in spite of being one of the most well known artists in Malaysia for the longest time. So glad to have met her.

You can follow her on Twitter here or be a fan of her on FB here.

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