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Aliff Aziz - Google Blog Search

Aliff Aziz - Google Blog Search

CONFIRM! <b>Aliff Aziz</b> Chose Anne, Rejected Zarina

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 01:44 AM PST

The controversy and fight between singer, Aliff Aziz and sexy actress, Zarina Anjoulie which was featured on the social site, Twitter has yet to subside when each one prefer not to comment further.

The controversy sparked when Zarina Anjoulie claims that Aliff Aziz lied to her and asked the Singaporean singer to apologize for his mistake which was made through his Twitter account last week.

Besides that, Zarina Anjoulie also sent an entry through Aliff Aziz's Twitter as if threatening that she has a video reputed to display Aliff's behaviour when he was drunk.

More sensational, also in the entry sent by Zarina to Aliff, there was a mention of an actress Anne Ngasri who was said to have been with Aliff.

However the singer of Kalau Cinta when contacted by the portal could not explain the allegation instead admitted he was intimate friends with Anne.

"I cannot give any explanation or comment regarding what was stated by Zarina on that social site.

"Not because I am afraid or want to run away from problems, but I have consider many parties' feelings especially my recording company namely Sony Music Sdn Bhd.

"Only that I admit, what had happened certainly tarnished my reputation as a singer. However I will come forward to explain when the time comes.

"About Anne, I admit that I am really close to her since we met in the drama Antara Kita which will be showcase on RTM soon," he said to

Commenting further regarding his relationship with the divorcee with two children, Aliff told that Anne is the only friend who is always concern about him since he made the decision to reside in Malaysia several
months ago.

"I am really close and compatible when with Anne. Because of that I feel comfortable when I am with her and I admit that we always contact each other and go out together.

"For me, she is the only friend who is cares about me after my recording company. She will make sure that I am in good condition.

"She has also taught me a lot about the ins and outs of the industry especially in acting which I have just joined," he expressed.

Talking about his future with Anne, Aliff admitted he will accept Anne if it was set by God, she is his match.

"My parents are very happy when they saw positive changes in me after befriending Anne. They also bless our relationship.

"About marriage fate, I only pray to God so I would meet a good partner. If Anne is my fate, Alhamdulillah," he added.

Aliff is currently in the process of completing his latest album which will be in the market on March 14. (

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