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Izreen Azminda - Google Blog Search

Izreen Azminda - Google Blog Search

Reason Not Married <b>Azminda Izreen</b> Disappointed With Johan As&#39;ari <b>...</b>

Posted: 05 Jun 2012 05:16 AM PDT

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PETALING JAYA: Actor Izreen Azminda said Muhd ​​planning to marry. Riza on August 30 next Baharudin not influenced by feelings of frustration after the failure of its relationship with actor John As'ari.

Izreen whose real name is Izreen Azminda Aznam, 26, said the decision to marry 29-year-old independent cameraman was because he had looking forward to becoming a wife in addition to having their own children.

"I married not for angry, frustrated or want to prove something to John. There is nothing to dikenangkan, the matter has passed. Let it be an example.

"I have met with a suitable man, so when Riza courtship, do what I wait too long. After all, I'm not very young. At the date of our wedding on August 30 next, I will reach the age of 27 years, "he told mStar Online . About His point is illustrated drama actress is engaged to Muhd. Riza at the District Office Activity Centre Kota Setar, Kedah on 1 January. At the ceremony, both parties have to set the money sent a total of RM19, 001 and RM999 dowry for the wedding to be held account- about 10 days after the celebration later.

Asked about the controversy over the alleged fiancee of a man in trouble and not a high ranking, Izreen said he accepted the man as he was confident and compatible to live together.

"Whatever has happened in my life or Riza is the past and do not want dikenangkan again. Outsiders can speak and make whatever assumptions even if they do not know the real story.

"I accept him because of compatibility and beliefs even though we had friends in a short period," he said.

Brief on the latest developments, Izreen said he had just completed filming the drama series Suri for TV3 and telemovie Promise 7 Silence (TV9).

"I very end filming new drama Suri for TV3. Soon the new telemovie in addition to my acting and Beto Kusyairy Neelofa titled Love seven Silence will be aired on TV9.

"Now I'm involved with the shooting program Jalan Jalan Search eat (TV3) as invited guest, "he said, will appear in two films Pak Pong and breach of in the next year.

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