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Mia Sara - Google Blog Search

Mia Sara - Google Blog Search

LizOthman Kidswear: Lamia: A Dress for <b>Mia Sara</b> Nasuha

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 04:26 AM PDT

Mia Sara Nasuha in LizOthman's Lamia

Been working with the cute and talented minor actress in a few occasions has given me the opportunity to understand her likings and preferences. Normally, when magazine requested me to prepare an outfit for her, they would asked "Could you please prepare her with 'something nice'?" and I would reply "Would love to, no worry!, I know her size (and just how she likes it to be)".

Being a true feminine that she is, Mia likes it long and vibrant. The answer is Lamia. During the photo session, she loves it so much that she had worn it twice.

Mia with singer Alif Aziz

Lamia is now available for size 1Y-3Y for RM60 and 4Y-6Y for RM70. You can email ( to order or visit my Shop.

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