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Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:05 AM PST

State Company for Alternative & Renewable Energy Sources (Azeri acronym: AREA) has raised sharply the rates for the development of alternative energy in Azerbaijan.

AREA chairman Akim Badalov says that realization of the first phase of development of alternative energy has been launched – program "1,000 homes – 1,000 power plants", but until 2020 the country is going to realize a larger program "10,000 homes – 100,000 power plants", Fineko reports.

"By 2020, everyone in the country can become power producers and deliver it free to the national grid at the appropriate legal basis," Badalov said. Implementation of the "1,000 homes – 1,000 power plants" began from social facilities.

"6 schools, 6 kindergartens and 2 sports centers with increased energy efficiency by 70% and creation of their own alternative capacities is under reconstruction in Imishli region. Energy supply of 10 cottages from alternative sources is conducted at our Gobustan training range," Badalov said.

As part of these initiatives it is accumulated experience and determined the best alternative technologies for further replication.

"The main work within the framework of program "1,000 homes – 1,000 power plants" will be made as part of a modern agro-industrial and residential complex in Samukh region. Within the project implemented on the basis of public-private partnership (PPP), a private business will build agricultural enterprises and 1,000 individual houses, and the state will create an infrastructure, including alternative energy facilities. The project will be implemented in late 2013 or early 2014," Badalov said.


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